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It’s your instant access to all the tools, knowledge and expertise you need to go from no business buying experience to being able to confidently put an offer in on a business within 28 days (you can take longer) and complete the deal successfully and profitably.

Here's what you get...

Module 1: Strategic Game Plan

It all starts with getting the strategy right, and knowing your RULES. These step-by-step videos will teach you…

  • Carl’s personal business buying rules
  • How to protect yourself from making expensive mistakes
  • How to write your own rules

Module 2: Resource Ready

What resources do you have available? What finance strategy will you need to use, what size deals can you look at…

  • How to approach angel investors and answer their 3 big questions
  • How to get the banks to loan you money to buy a business
  • No money? How to use Creative Finance and buy businesses with as little as $1 or leveraged buyouts.

Module 3: Finding The Gems

Here’s when the fun begins, you go out and start finding businesses for sale

  • The 3 Types of Businesses For Sale and why we only focus on two of them
  • How to indentify which businesses are the most negotiatable
  • A complete listing of the best places to find businesses for sale in Australia, UK, or the USA
  • How to access business that are NOT currently for sale (these are huge opportunities)

Selling my Franchise and now buying 2 Hair Salons for only $20,001. I’ve saved over $100,000 and more importantly time. I now spend more time with my wife and kids and the businesses make money whether I’m there or not. Thank you from the bottom on my heart Carl Taylor and Business Builders Academy

Cameron Young
Sydney, Australia

Module 4: Evaluating The Facts

Knowing what to ask, and if a business is any good can be tough…

  • Questionaire with 52 questions to ask when speaking to a broker or business owner about a business for sale
  • The one mathematical formula to use to decide if the business is worth buying (and a calculator to help you do it)
  • Step-by-Step real life example, that you follow along with and evaluate as prractice (real life business that was really for sale)

Module 5: Negotiate The Deal

Create a WIN-WIN situation for both you and the seller, don’t leave money on the table, or spend too much...

  • The 5 Neogitation tactics to master if you want to get a good deal
  • How to ensure you never leave a deal without a WIN-WIN so everyone is happy
  • How to use the 3 Key Negotiation angles (Most people only focus on only 1 of them)

Module 6: Put In Your Offer

It’s not legally binding, it’s the test of if a deal can be done…

  • How to structure your offer (There are a 4 main ways to do it)
  • What to always include in your letter of offer, so you can get OUT of your offer at any time
  • Sample offer templates, to swipe and deploy (saving you time and money having the lawyers draw them up from scratch)

I have now settled on a business with $39,000 worth of stock, close to a million dollar turnover, and I’ve already made $12,000 in sales in my first 3 days. I can’t believe I only paid $20,000 for this business. Thanks Carl and the team at Business Builders Academy I couldn’t have done it with you!

Jovana V
Melbourne, Australia

Module 7: Due Diligence

Don’t get left out in the cold, and stuck with a deal that's bad.

  • Complete Due Diligence Checklists (everything you need to go through)
  • The Due Diligence Matrix to follow to ensure you don’t leave anything important out
  • Protect yourself, and find areas to re-negotiate on saving you more money

Module 8: Handover

Once it’s time to take over, it can be challenging to know what to think about if you haven’t done it before

  • Compete Handover Checklist (from banking to staff... what to think about before the old owner walks away)
  • Making for a smooth transition, the 5 key areas to focus on
  • Common mistakes that people make at this point that cost them a fortune

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